First Year Time Table and Foundation Course Schedule for the Academic Year 2019-20

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Government Medical College & ESI Hospital, Coimbatore – 15.
Foundation Course – 1st MBBS 2019-2020 Batch
Date / Day 10 – 11.30 AM Break       11.30 – 12PM 12 – 1PM 1 – 2PM Lunch 2 – 3 PM 3 – 4 PM
1st August Thursday Inauguration Dean’s Address Visit to 1st Year Departments
2nd August Friday Ice – Breaking , Group Activity Medical Profession and Physician’s Role in Society Visit to Hospital Casuality
3rd August Saturday History of Medicine Alternate Health Systems in our Country Visit to AYUSH Department
4th  August Sunday Holiday
5th August Monday Medical Ethics, Attitudes & Professionalism Hippocratic Oath Visit to College Campus
6th August Tuesday Primary Health Care System in our Country Secondary & Tertiary Health Care in our Country Visit to Urban Primary Health Centre
7th August Wednesday Universal Immunization Programme Visit to Peadiatric Vaccination Unit at our Hospital Extra Curricular Activity – Hobbies
8th August Thursday Patient Safety & Biohazard Management Visit to Hospital Central Lab Visit to Biomedical Waste Management Site at Hospital
9th August Friday The MBBS Programme Academic Ambience Visit to College Library
10th August Saturday 2nd Saturday Holiday
11th  August Sunday Holiday
12th August Monday Bakrid Holiday
13th August Tuesday Interpersonal Relationships Communication Skills Sports Facilities Available in our College
14th August Wednesday Time Management Stress Management Yoga – Demostration and performance of Stress Releasing Asanas
15th August Thursday Independence Day
16th August Friday Use of Information Technology & Self Directed Learning methods Visit to MRD Department Sports – Athletics
17th August Saturday Personality Development & Health care for Medical Professionals Local Language Programme Sports – Team Events
18th August Sunday Holiday
19th August Monday Basic life Support First Aid Video Screening of Emergency Resuscitation
20th August Tuesday Attitude to Patient & Relating to Patient’s experience of diseases Visit to different wards of Hospital Role Play of Ward Scenarios
21st August Wednesday Interacting with Peers, Seniors, Faculty & Other hospital workers Consequences of Unethical & Unprofessional Behavior Sports
22nd August Thursday Personal Protection Measures for Medical Professional Concept of Bio-safety, Handling Bio-materials & Bio-waste Management Visit to CSID
23rd August Friday New Teaching  and Learning Skills you will Experience Computer Skills Sports
24th August Saturday Krishna Jeyanthi – Holiday
25th  August Sunday Holiday
26th August Monday National Health Priorities and Policies Health Insurance & ESI Sports
27th August Tuesday Introduction to Medical Research ICMR, Introduction to Case, Poster Presentation Group Activity – Selecting a Topic for Research
28th August Wednesday Visit to Primary Health Center Sports
29th August Thursday Career Pathways and Future Prospects Role & Responsibilities of Doctors Maintaining Log Book
30th August Friday Rules & Regulations Societal Expectations from Doctors Extracurricular Activity & Talents Exhibit
31st August Saturday Coat Donning Ceremony Feed back and Reflections Sports