MINUTES OF THE COLLEGE COUNCIL MEETING HELD ON 13.06.2019 AT 11.30 AMIN THE CONFERENCE HALL, Government Medical College & ESI Hospital, Coimbatore-15

    The Meeting held on 13.06.2019 with the following Medical Officers& Members:

    1. T.Ravikumar, M.D., Dean (FAC), Govt. Medical College & ESI Hospital, Coimbatore-15.
    2. P.V.Saraswathi, M.D., Vice Principal, GMC & ESI Hospital, Cbe
    3. N.Tamilselvan, M.S., Deputy Medical Superintendent, GMC & ESI Hospital, Cbe -15.
    4. K.Kulandaivelu, M.D., RMO, GMC & ESI Hospital, Cbe -15.
    5. N.Shanthi, M.D., HOD of Pharmacology, GMC & ESI Hospital, Cbe.
    6. T.Saravanan, M.D., HOD of Biochemistry, GMC & ESI Hospital, Cbe.
    7. M.Sumathi, M.D., HOD i/c of Pathology, GMC & ESI Hospital, Cbe.
    8. Deepa Bently, M.S., HOD of Anatomy, GMC & ESI Hpl, Cbe.
    9. M.Dheepa, M.D., HOD of Microbiology, GMC & ESI Hospital, Cbe.
    10. Dr.Arun Vijay Paul, M.D., HOD of SPM, GMC & ESI Hpl, Cbe.
    11. Dr.K.Latha, M.D., Asso. Prof. of Pharmacology, GMC & ESI Hpl, Cbe.
    12. Dr.R.B.Aghil, M.D., Asst. Prof. of Physiology, GMC & ESI Hpl, Cbe.
    13. Dr.V.Suganthi, M.D., HOD of Paediatrics, GMC & ESI Hpl, Cbe.
    14. Dr.T.Kanagarajan, M.D., HOD of Anaesthesia, GMC & ESI Hpl, Cbe.
    15. Dr.Vidhya, M.D., Asst. Prof. of ENT, GMC & ESI Hpl, Cbe.
    16. Mr.V.K.Ramesh, AO (Hospital), GMC & ESI Hpl, Cbe.
    17. Mrs.P.Geetha, JAO (College), GMC & ESI Hpl, Cbe.
    18. Mr.M.Shahir, OS (College), GMC & ESI Hpl, Cbe.
    19. Mr.Annadurai, OS (College), GMC & ESI Hpl, Cbe.


    Dr.T.Ravikumar, M.D., (Gen. Medicine), ed all the delegates and members.  The following Agenda were discussed in the Meeting and following decisions were taken after detailed discussions in the Meeting.

    1.HT Connection & AMC:We have to get clarification regarding Fund Allotment, Lift & A/C Chiller Plant Annual Mataintenance from PWD Department and also get proper information from EB Department regarding New HT Connection for College Campus.

    1. Equipment List: Hospital side required equipment list sent to DME & ESIC for 4thMCI renewal. College side required equipment list have to be sent.
    1. Help Desk for Admission : Help desk have to be formed for the purpose of 2019-2020 admission process, admission regarding enquiries & guidelines.
    1. Materials & Supply: In this head, first quarter has 2.5 lakhs fund in college side.  It will be used for Lab items purchase which will helps to 4th MCI renewal.
    1. Books & Journals: This head has 6.25 lakhs fund in college side.  First priority given to journal purchase because journals delivered only after the payment made.  Total required book list must be given by Department of Pharmacology.
    1. Tour Allowance: If there is any TA bill requirement, all of them should contact the account section personnel.
    1. Telephone Connection: If any department have new telephone connection means, kindly give the request letter to the Admin office.
    1. Vehicle Maintenance: In this head Rs.1000/- is there.  College Council requested to demand Rs.33000/- in Revised Estimate (RE) Budget for the purpose of Dean Vehicle Air conditioner facility.
    1. Petrol: It has Rs.18000/-. It will be used for Dean Vehicle Petrol & Generator fuel at the time of power cut.
    1. MCI Visit: MCI visit expenses done only through service commission account head which will have Rs.25000/- in first quarter.We have to give requisition for new computers with printers to DME for the purpose of MCI.


    MCI website design works expenses may do in the head of other contingencies.  Other Contingencies head has Rs.56000/-

    1. Animal House: This head has Rs.11000/-.  Animal house related requisition may done through this amount.  Department of Pharmacology will give proper animal house requirement to the Admin office.
    1. Computer Maintenance: This head has Rs.11000/-,but this is only for computer maintenance expenses.As per MCI norms,  Pharmacology department should have 25 computers & Library should have 25 computers.Pharmacology department& Library should give requisition for 50 computers to DME.  Fiber net connection request should given by Library In-charge.
    1. Computer Stationary: It has Rs.6000/- .  We will purchase CD,DVD, Pen drive, Hard disk in this head.  College Council instructed to purchase 16 GB or 32 GB Pen drive for the use of Dean champer & MCI.
    1. Projector Repair work: Two projectors have to be repair in class rooms and also demand additional fund for New Projector Purchase.
    1. If any department requires screen cloth means, give requisition to Admin office. Rs.2000/- is there for these kind of expense.
    1. Black Board or White Board with marker, duster requirement request are also given to Admin office. Admin office will purchase in other contingency fund and given to the departments.
    1. As per MCI norms, Each and every department must have one system. We have to made necessary fund requisition to DME for purchase computers.
    1. Hostel: After this admission minimum 60 rooms are available for students occupation.   Hostel Chief Warden should write request letter to PWD Department for new hostel building construction.
    1. JR Quarters & Staff Nurse Training Quarters repair works: EB Works, Pipe Lines works, Toilet, Door repair works, Water facility have to be done in JR Quarters as well as Staff Nurse Training Quarters by ARM Agency.
    1. Hostel Fee: Every month dues details should message to the parents.  Students must get no dues certificate for getting Exam Hall Ticket.


    1. Campus Lighting: College Admin office have to be ready fund for rectifying this problem as early as possible for the safety of the students.
    1. Instruments fund in Hospital side: This head has 15 lakhs fund.  Departments should give requirement for 4th renewal MCI.
    1. Electricity Bill, Property Tax & Water Charges: EB -Rs.96000/- is there in this head (First Quarter), Property Tax Rs.1 Crore paid,  Water Charges fund Rs.5.10 lakhs.
    1. Vehicle Maintenance: In this head Rs.2000/- is there (First Quarter).  It will be used for Ambulance maintenance.  New ambulance requisition will be demand in HDC Meeting.
    1. Other Contingencies: It has Rs.4 lakhs.  Deputy Medical Superintendent will give requisition for Bed side clip, Clip Board (360 Nos.), Folders, etc.,
    1. Xerox Machine: Xerox Machine may take in rental basis.  It is already approved in HDC Meeting also.
    1. Contract Payment reg: ESI Hospital require Yoga Instructor.  Appointing authority of Yoga Instructor is DME, so make necessary steps to appoint Yoga Instructor.
    1. Fuel: It has Rs.25000/- per quarter.  It will used for Ambulance Petrol.
    1. Cloth, Apron reg: It has Rs.1.5 lakhs per quarter.  Deputy Medical Superintendent demand Patient Gown, Surgeon Coat and Apron’s.  College Council Meeting approved to purchase cloth for these uses from Co-operative stores and also make necessary arrangements for stitching.
    1. Medicines: Rs.6.5 lakhs is there, but it is not enough for our institution because of patients increase.  College Council Meeting suggested to demand additional fund for medicines in Revised Estimate Budget and also stipulate importance of RRC (Running Rate Contract) medicines to DME with its audit objection problem.
    1. To improve DIET: There is a frequent complaint from patients regarding Diet.  We have to send proposal to improve diet to RD & DME.  College Council Meeting approved this.


    1. Computer Stationary: It has Rs.17000/- per quarter in hospital.  It helps to maintain existing computers and printers service.  ESI Hospital launched Dhanwanthri Scheme newly and also implement HMIS Scheme, so new computers are required to manage these type of new launching programmes.  College Council Meeting suggested to purchase computers to succeed these new schemes.
    1. Corporate Social Responsibility Activities: According to this activity, Our government allowed and accepted to get donation like Water Filter, Shed Facility, Battery Car Facility, Ambulance, Bed side Lockers, etc for patients from outside donors.   We have to identify these type of donors and acquire benefits from them.
    1. Committee to scrap materials clearance: Lots of scrap, old materials and wasted materials are there in our institution campus.  We have to create committee for clearing these materials through conducting auction.  We will use that auction amount for our institution improvement with the prior permission of ESIC, at the same time our campus is also get cleaned, so take further action to get permission from ESIC.


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